University of Miskolc, Hungary
Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology MA

Welcome to the Master of Arts Program in Cultural Anthropology

Time Table Autumn 2022
Neptun ID Course Lecturer Time Day/Date/Room
Semester 1.
BTKVANA101 Research Methods in Anthropology Veronika Lajos 12:00-14:30 Tuesday, C/1. Room 308.
BTKVANA102 Social Anthropology Veronika Lajos 12.00-13.30 Thursday, C/1. Room 309.
BTKVANA103 Anthropological Perspectives on Identity and Mobility Zsuzsanna Török 10.00-11.30 Monday, C/1. Room 308.
BTKVANA104 Visual Anthropology Róbert Gyökér 10.00-18.00
22 September
20 October
24 November
BTKVANA105 Application of Video Technics in Anthropological Inquiry Róbert Gyökér 10.00-18.00
23 September
21 October
25 November
BTKVANA106 People of the World I.: Oceania and Australia Veronika Lajos 14.00-15.30 Tuesday, C/1. Room 308.
BTKVANA107 People of the World II.: America Zsuzsanna Török 12.00-13.30 Monday, C/1. Room 308.
BTKVANVA01 Optional Subject I. Colin Swatridge 10.00-14.00 08 September, C/1. Room 307A
15 September, C/1. Room 307A
22 September, C/1. Room 307A
Semester 3.
BTKVANA301 Anthropology of Religion Zsuzsanna Török 12.00-13.30 Tuesday, C/1. 310. Library
BTKVANA302 Historical Anthropology Árpád Tóth 10.00-18.00 04 November
16 November
BTKVANA308 Academic Writing II. – Thesis Miklós Nyírő 10.00-11.30 Tuesday, C/1. II. Office 204.
BTKVANA303 Intership I. Veronika Lajos
BTKVANA304 Intership II. Veronika Lajos
BTKVANA305 Intership III. Zsuzsanna Török
BTKVANA306 Intership IV. Zsuzsanna Török
BTKVANA307 Fieldword II. József Kotics